A Suggestion Box for the Modern World


"62% of people who don’t care for their job say it’s communication related."|"Disengaged employees cost the U.S. $450 to $500 billion per year."|"Best Buy found that for every 1/10 of a point increase in engagement, profits increased $100k."

- Forbes|- Gallup|- Harvard Business Review

Harness the power of engagement,
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The suggestion box has long been an important tool in giving employees a voice. But the task of collecting, organizing, and making sense of suggestions is inefficient and rarely produces actionable ideas. SnapSuggest is a modern-day app that solves the problems of the old-fashioned suggestion box.

SnapSuggest is not a heavy, complicated human resource product. Instead, it is an easy-to-deploy and use communication tool to help you take advantage of the significant power of engagement. Our app is completely transparent: everyone can see all of the suggestions, not just their own. It has a social layer: you can vote and comment on all suggestions. The best ideas - those with the most votes - rise to the top.

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Potential revenue growth

How much growth is predicted for your company, by percentage increase in employee engagement:

Benefits of an employee suggestion program

Increased Profits

High engagement scores are associated with 2.6x higher earnings-per-share levels.

Lower Customer Churn

Highly engaged companies have 58% lower churn.

Fewer Sick Days

Highly engaged companies have 37% fewer sick days.

Improved Customer Loyalty

The most engaged companies experience 2x higher customer loyalty.

Improved Productivity

Companies with higher engagement enjoy two times higher productivity.

Lower Overall Costs

An actively disengaged employee costs their company $3,400 for every $10k of pay (34%)

Lower Employee Turnover

Highly engaged companies experience two times lower turnover.

Faster Growth

Engaged companies grow profits as much as three times faster than their competitors.

Improved Communication

Most people who don’t like their job say it’s communication related.

SnapSuggest Features


Crowdsource great ideas from employees who can post suggestions, and like/comment on colleagues’ posts.


Promote a culture of appreciation through a designated section for complimenting work colleagues.

Drip Surveys

Our weekly, research-backed one-question surveys take the guesswork out of measuring engagement.

Company Dashboard

Review engagement progress over time to measure effectiveness, and gain actionable insights.


Create custom categories for suggestions, to easily find, communicate, and assign relevant suggestions.

Anonymity & Privacy

Build trust and engagement through the options to post anonymously, with management only, or both.


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All plans include:

  • No long-term contracts – cancel anytime
  • Unlimited suggestions, comments, and kudos
  • Unlimited anonymous and management-only posts
  • Unlimited custom categories to organize suggestions
  • Tools to follow through on and assign suggestions
  • 24/7 email support (Enterprise includes phone)
  • Weekly drip surveys that measure engagement success
  • Management dashboard to see actionable metrics, like engagement over time and most valuable employees

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