According to Gallup, companies with engaged workforces outperform their peers by 147%. Engaged workforces also have 41% fewer quality defects, 48% fewer safety incidents and 37% less absenteeism (source).

It's clear that in an increasingly competitive and fast-paced marketplace, employee engagement must be a priority. And a central component of any employee engagement initiative is an employee suggestion program.

Providing a communication channel for employees to suggest ideas, discuss their work environment, and help improve your products and services is essential to improving employee engagement. Companies with a succesful employee suggestion program have more engaged, happier and more productive workforces.

Benefits of an employee suggestion program

Improved morale and engagement

Giving employees a voice in their company improves morale and leads to a more engaged workplace.

Increased job satisfaction

Providing a way for employees to be actively involved in their company helps improve satisifaction.

Improved sense of ownership

Employees feel more ownership as they gain more influence by suggestion changes and improvements.

Development of stronger teams

Team communication is increased with commenting and voting, delivering stronger teams.

Better decision making

More information and communication that includes all levels of your company helps make smarter decisions.

Increased innovation

Generate unexpected ideas, product improvements and new services by tapping the intelligence of your teams.

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