A simple, mobile suggestion box

You don't need more heavy, complicated software. You need an app that's on your phone, always available, and dead-simple to use. No feature overkill. Just a simple suggestion box with great features that makes it quick and easy to gather feedback.

Suggestion box on an iPhone

Crowdsource great ideas

Unlike other suggestion boxes, SnapSuggest is completely transparent. Employees can see every suggestion, not just their own. And they can vote and comment on all suggestions. The best suggestions — those with the most votes — rise to the top.

Quickly manage and respond to suggestions

Using our tools for managers, it takes seconds to respond to a suggestion, mark it complete or assign it to someone. Search for a specific suggestion, sort by assignments, or add to your favorites list right from your dashboard. SnapSuggest takes away the pain of dealing with suggestions.

Notifications on iOS include iPhones and iWatches

Solicit ideas on a specific topic

Need feedback on something specific? You can send email and push notifications asking for suggestions on a specific topic. Employees can respond in real-time giving you instant feedback.

Empower employees to give honest feedback

Employees can make suggestions anonymously, empowering them to be honest about without fear of retribution. Anonymous suggestions often contain insightful and critical ideas. To prevent abuse, all anonymous suggestions are reviewed before they are seen by others.

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