A simple, mobile suggestion box and pulse surveys

You don’t need more heavy, complicated software. You need an easy to deploy and use app that engages your team and keeps them engaged. Your staff need an app that’s on their phone, and dead-simple to use.

Suggestion box on an iPhone

Company Dashboard

Gain actionable insights from Anonymity metrics, word clouds and other real-time data.Using our tools for managers, it takes seconds to respond to a suggestion, mark it complete or assign it to someone. Search for a specific suggestion, sort by assignments, or add to your favorites list right from your dashboard. SnapSuggest takes away the pain of dealing with suggestions.

Community Board

Unlike other suggestion boxes, SnapSuggest is completely transparent. Employees can see every suggestion, not just their own. And they can vote and comment on all suggestions. The best suggestions — those with the most votes — rise to the top.


Organize suggestions based on tags (e.g. department) and segments (e.g. locations). Easily set these up in your settings when you on-board, and make changes anytime.

Drip Surveys

Keep a pulse on work-force happiness through weekly one-question surveys. These surveys take your team just a minute or two to complete, and get people in the habit of providing feedback.

Notifications on iOS include iPhones and iWatches


Employees can make suggestions anonymously, empowering them to be honest about without fear of retribution. Anonymous suggestions often contain insightful and critical ideas. To prevent abuse, all anonymous suggestions are reviewed before they are seen by others.

Private Posts

Sometimes, your team may not feel comfortable posting something that will go to the entire community. They may know something and feel it's important to share with management, but don't want to share with anyone. Stay informed of critical information with the “share with admins only” post option.

Kudos Posts

Promote a culture of appreciation with the designated section for complimenting work colleagues. Here, your employees can recognize each other. Not only will this promote a positive culture, it will also drive engagement. Everyone loves to be recognized.

iOS, Android and Web

Access and post feedback anywhere and anytime. Our apps make it easy to post suggestions, kudos or survey responses on the fly or while on break. However, your team can use the web app if they prefer.

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