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A common issue with most suggestion boxes is that there is a lack of transparency. You make a suggestion but you have no way of knowing if it was considered, acted upon or even read.

SnapSuggest is different. It's completely open and transparent. When you open the app, you see a list of all suggestions, not just your own. And you can vote and comment on everyone's suggestions.

Voting on suggestions

Voting adds a social signal that indicates what employees think of a sugggestion. A suggestion can be voted up or down, allowing employees to collectively determine which ideas are the most valuable. Voting helps automatically weed out bad ideas saving you time and energy to focus on stuff that matters. And voting eliminates bias by allowing your entire team to evaluate the merits of an idea.

Commenting on suggestions

Some ideas are not quite perfect in their embryonic form. Commenting allows employees to openly debate and discuss an idea. This discourse vets and evolves an idea, helping to make it better or discard it altogether.

Employees can also leave anonymous comments. So, they can be honest without worrying about hurting the feelings of the person who made the suggestion.

The best ideas rise

Through social voting and commenting, your community collectively determines which ideas need your attention. The best ideas — those with the most votes and comments — rise to the top. This "crowdsourcing" of ideas ultimately makes for a more powerful and successful employee suggestion program.

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