Community Board

Crowdsource great ideas from employees’ who can like and comment on each other’s suggestions.

One of the hardest parts of having a suggestion box is managing and responding to suggestions. How do you keep track of who needs to work on a suggestion, which suggestions are completed, and which need action? And how do you communicate to your team what's happening? We make it easy to manage and respond to suggestions, saving you time and keeping your team informed. Scroll down to see how...

Assign suggestions

The key to successfully managing suggestions is delegation. With a single click you can assign a suggestion to a team member. The team member will receive an email notifying them that they are now responsible for that suggestion. They can then take action on the suggestion, including responding and completing.

Complete suggestions

Once you have addressed a suggestion, you can mark it complete and leave a note detailing what action was taken. You can see a list of all completed suggestions, making it easy to see how well you're managing your suggestion box.

Favorite suggestions

Really like a suggestion? Or want to flag it and deal with it later? You can favorite suggestions to keep track of suggestions you love or that you want to be able to quickly find.

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