Segment suggestions based on tags you create, so you can better interpret your data.

You can request feedback on a specific topic using our email and push notifications. Get real-time feedback on important topics using our simple notifications dispatcher. It's actually quite simple and easy to use.

How it works

Using our web app, you enter a question that you want answered. Want some ideas for your upcoming holiday party? Or maybe you'd like to know the most important thing you could do to improve customer service?

Simply type your question and select whom you would like to receive answers from — your whole team or a subset? Click submit and we take care of the rest.

We send two types of notifications to get your team's attention: push notifications and email notifications.

Push notifications

Push notifications are native notifications that are displayed directly on your device, such as your iPhone, Android phone, iPad or iWatch. These notifications are built into the core operating system on your mobile device, ensuring they're highly visible and yield better response rates.

Email notifications

As great as mobile phones are, much business is still conducted over email. Which is why we also send email notifications. Your team can reply directly to the email to respond to your question. It's that simple.

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